Sunday, 17 March 2013

This is my entry to win an online writing bootcamp from Urban Writers’ Retreat -

I am a single mummy on the edge, running my own business teaching baby signing classes and writing a bi-monthly column called “Mummy on the Edge” (all about being a single mummy on the edge and running my own business teaching baby signing classes). Commencement Of The Oeuvre is blocked by Sole Responsibility For Everything. However, my daughter will be spending nearly three quarters of April away from me, which she has never done before. And (uniquely this spring) my teaching terms, like two halves of artisinal ciabatta, sandwich April! Making it a decadent, balsamic-roasted-vegetable-and-buffalo-mozzarella of a month: I will have the time and space to participate and therefore NO TIME OR SPACE FOR EXCUSES. I was led to your site by happy accident and I feel participation in your Boot Camp (and the ensuing scribing habit) may just lead me to accidental happiness.

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