Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Train of thought on today's events.

I read this at the end of October last year. Why is it only just coming out now and why is everyone acting surprised? They sat on this info and let the election happen without releasing it.

This whole showergate thing is good for Trump. Looking at twitter this morning, looks like it’s just be something else for everyone to laugh at and will detract from any present deals/ appointments/ changes/ repeals he's announcing. And it’s possible that it won't lead to any real consequences for him. If this is all they had over him, it wasn't much, really, in and of itself. I don't believe he would actually give a toss about it. We could assume that now it's out, it reduces Putins leverage but maybe it's just a bait and switch distraction. The world thinks that's all there is so the heat is off him. However they probably have something far more powerful in the bank to keep him acting in their favour. How he gets his kicks doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is the mentality of someone who is doing it out of pure venom for a perceived “enemy”- as Richard Branson said when he was recounting a lunch he had with Trump (  

Also, as several people have stated on twitter: "The scandal isn't about pissing on a bed. The scandal is treason. And Russia, via Donald, pissing on the world."

"It's simple. Getting gratification from a kink - Not bad  Paying women to defile a bed a man you're obsessed with once slept in - Very bad"

I'm not shocked at all. It's not even making me laugh as this whole thing has turned me into a humourless freestanding shoe cupboard. I can just about do what I'm supposed to in terms of storing a certain amount of pairs of shoes. But I now feel like someone has tried to stuff too many pairs piled up untidily upon each other and it's too much. The door won't shut properly; random individual shoes keep falling out and being stuffed back in. I cannot, as a self-respecting shoe cupboard that needs to stay mentally on point to deal with a daughter that I have brought up and deposited into the world through no fault of her own, serviceably  engage with any more shoes. In this way my usually capacious appetite for digestion of current affairs (of all flavours variously- bonkers, disastrous, tragic) is impaired. I'm turning away when I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be burying my head in the collective bosom of of Real Housewives in active avoidance of engaging with current affairs. This scares me.  

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