Friday 18 February 2011

A new dawn a new day etc.

Okay. Here I go again. I'm tempted to write the date but I realise this is technology stuff and I don't have to because it does it for you. What's new? Loads and nothing. I'm about to take away 10p from my daughter's stash of 5p rewards (I will explain the reason for this stash later) due to the fact that it is a QUARTER PAST EIGHT!!!!! and she is not remotely ready for school having not even had her shower yet. I'm letting this blog entry do the shouting for me and will, having logged out and switched off, remain calm and collected. I will not mutter under my breath in a passive aggressive show of crossness. (I might, just a bit.)

Having written the above, I feel it is only fair in the spirit of full disclosure to confess that we are supposed to leave the house in 25 minutes and I'm sitting at the computer in my pyjamas having not even brushed my teeth or been to the loo since I woke up.