Saturday 1 November 2014

Angelina and Midi-Me share their favourite fast, local eats.

Mummy on the Edge, Families NW Mag, November 2014

What's for dinner? 

This is a question that makes my blood curdle and contorts my face into the rictus of panic sported only by non-sensible people that do not shop and plan meals accordingly. So, when asked this question by the ever-cheerful Midi-Me as she clambers, damp-fringed into the car carrying her weighty bag, flute and any number of other scholastic accoutrements, I provide a one word answer, which is not “Nandos” as she hopes but “Worms”. She finds this “really annoying, Mummy!” (-and that makes me say it more, because in our house I not only vacillate between the roles of Mother and Father but also - to ensure she experiences family life in full - torturous sibling.) Or sometimes I scrunch up my eyes and attempt to conjure a quick mental inventory of the contents of the fridge. On occasion, this might summon an image of 3 packets of reduced-to-19p spring onions currently of indeterminate culinary viability that I picked up in little local Tesco whilst buying ingredients at 8pm the night before Midi-Me's home economics lesson (the previous week.) And it is on these occasions, especially at this time of the year when I am zig-zagging between three fairs and four concerts and five parties and two sponsored somethings and about twenty four classes when I can justify something that does not involve actual cooking by me. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

Turban Street Cafe in Streatfield Road, Kenton is currently my favourite stop off on a weekday evening on the way back from singing lessons serving fab, trad street food. We order a Kati Roll: a buttery, hankerchief-thin flatbread, cooked before your eyes, then stuffed with meat or veg or paneer and salad and sauces and rolled up for £4.95. If you are vegetarian, rest assured they have separate cooking surfaces. Sit, watch and... scoff. Mmm.

Hombres Mexican Kitchen  on Imperial Drive in Harrow serves the best sweet potato fries I have EVER HAD. Super crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and real tasty treat. They serve freshly prepared burritos and tacos. Not wanting to miss out on trying something weird, I ordered jackfruit as a vegetarian filling option (alongside pork and chicken, - I'm no longer a virtuous vegetarian). Surprisingly delicious! They also do a kids meal including drink for £3.45 and host themed kids parties.

Both Cafe and Kitchen are decorated in a cool, street-vibey way, play funky music and serve healthy, fun and fast street food. Therefore no need for me to deliver emergency CPR to spring onions. Yay! Merry Christmas to you.

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