Thursday 9 March 2017

Angelina’s Dessert Island Discs Episode 1 – Sylvi Hussain

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I still remember the occasion of my first driving lesson. With my driving instructor (a retired policeman) sat next to me, I turned the engine on, took my foot off the brake and immediately crumpled into convulsions of hysterical laughter. The instructor later told me that in all his years he had never seen that reaction before. When I finally stopped laughing and driving, I was overwhelmed. I thought: There’s no way I can look in all these directions, check all my mirrors and drive at the same time. By myself. There are so many things to remember – it’s impossible! 

Well. Learning how to produce and present a radio show is like learning to drive a car. I did master it in the end and my reverse parallel parking is now… unparalleled. I’m being kind to myself by reminding myself that any new skill takes time and practice to avoid forgetting things. 

With that caveat I bring you Angelina’s Dessert Island Discs Episode 1 – Sylvi Hussain.

The knowledgable and velvet-voiced Sylvi introduces us to the world of Life Coaching. What is a life coach? Who can benefit from coaching? What does it take to become a life coach? Along the way, we listen to a few of her favourite tracks and find out what they mean to her. I forgot to press record so we start 30 minutes in but that still leaves you with an hour and a half of Sylvi's wisdom, good advice, brilliant professional insight and of course her excellent music taste to clean the kitchen to. 

I also forgot to mention Sylvi’s contact details, so if you want to follow or contact her, you can do so as follows: 
Email Address: Facebook Page: 
Twitter: @hussain_sylvi 
Instagram: sylvihussain 

Why Angelina’s Dessert Island Discs? Because my guests are not only choosing the songs they wish to take with them but the dessert that will serve as the only sustenance on this particular island that I’m marooning them on, forever… or until they are rescued. Enjoy, share the love and do join me next week! 

A x

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